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    problem to render <rich:column> with  <a4j:poll>

    Hao Pang Newbie
          <a4j:poll interval="2000" render="project-status" enabled="true"/>
      <rich:dataTable id="project-list" value="#{projectBean.userProjects}" var="project">
          <rich:column id="project-status">
              <h:outputText value="#{project.progressCompletePercentage}%" />


      Hello, My example code doesn't works, but if i simply replacing the poll's render value by dataTable's id "project-status" then it works completely. (I don't want to refresh the whole table in my case)

      Richfaces version is 4.2.0 final.


      PS: I had same usage in my other project with privious Richfaces version(3.3.3 final), it works well always.


      please help, thanks advance!