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    Using existing Hypersonic DB w/ JBoss2.4

    Steve Lotz Newbie

      I am just starting out with JBoss (2.4). I created a test HypersonicSQL database using the same version of Hsql that JBoss uses (1.4), and put my database files in the right deployment directory for Hypersonic in the JBoss directory tree. I then edited the jboss.jcml file, and for the Hypersonic "service"- I changed the "Database" attribute to be that of my database's name. I thought that this would all work and enable me to use my database via JBoss, creating entity beans via the JBuilder Entity Bean Modeller wizard- but this doesn't seem to be the case. When I use the wizard, it appears to connect O.K., but the wizard doesn't show any of my tables that I've already created and populated.

      I have to assume that JBoss tried to use my database name to create an "in-memory" version of my database (initially empty) and that's why I was able to connect O.K. using the JBuilder Entity Bean Modeller, but then it didn't show any of my database tables. But I'm not sure what JBuilder is really showing me, and it's possible that I just don't know how to specify the URL to my existing database correctly, or some other small problem.

      Is there anyone out there who has used HypersonicSQL as their database- i.e.- not just as an in-memory database but a "real one", who can get me up and running on this?

      Thanks very much in advance,