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    jboss custom url instead of ip/hostname

    kblurry grep Newbie

      I'm trying to make JBoss 7 work on a custom url like http://myapp.mydomain.com:8080/welcome instead of or http://<pcname>:8080/welcome.


      In Windows I edited the etc/host file and added this


    <pcname>   myapp.mydomain.com


      This works just fine on my PC (http://myapp.mydomain.com:8080/welcome) however when i login to another pc on my network it doesn't find the custom url. It only finds the http://myapp.mydomain.com:8080/welcome & http://<pcname>:8080/welcome from another computer. I need it to point to  http://myapp.mydomain.com:8080/welcome


      I ran Jboss as standalone.bat -b <ipaddress> & standalone.bat -b


      Does anyone have any idea. Thanks