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Announcing arquillian.org

Dan Allen Master

In case you haven't heard, I want to let you know that Arquillian has a new website, arquillian.org. This website is is a companion to the jboss.org/arquillian website.


You can read about the new website and its purpose in the blog entry arquillian.org: The Bridge of the Arquillian Project.


I'll summarize the list of features and benefits here:


  • All content managed in git and hosted on Github
  • Baked with Awestruct, a static site generator
  • A data curating pipeline written in Ruby (JRuby) as Awestruct extensions
  • Pages written in Haml (with a mix of Textile)
  • Easy to read, step-by-step guides (written in Textile, changelog retrieved via git)
  • Blogs written in Textile (or Markdown)
  • Guest blogs and improvements integrated via pull requests
  • Layout and components built on Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery
  • CSS3 goodness and cross-browser support compiled by SASS
  • Designed to be responsive for mobile phones and tablets (give it a try!)
  • Module, release and commit information mined from git repositories
  • Auto-generated, in-depth blog entry plus custom notes for each release (example)
  • Detailed summary page for each module (repository, versions, dependencies, contributors, etc)
  • Contributor information backed by Github and Gravatar
  • Dynamic information retrieved via json-p (tunneled through jgfeed when necessary)
  • Upcoming talks on Arquillian syndicated from Lanyrd
  • Blogs and articles about Arquillian syndicated from Diigo
  • Under the watchful eye of Ike (as you can see in the upper-left hand corner)


If you are curious about more details, check out the Information Architecture page I drafted on the wiki about the site.


The website is released under a Creative Common license. You are welcome to fork the website and hack on it to make improvements. Take a look at the README if you want to build the site locally.