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    jboss-as7-quickstart  domain mode(distributed data-grid) problem

    Johnson Zhao Newbie



      I can't make the jboss-as7 example in the  Infinispan-quickstart to work. I am working on Windows 7. Examples are downloaded from https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan-quickstart . Clusterted cache, embeded cace , CDI examples and local mode of JBoss 7 example are working,  but domain mode of JBoss example is not working.


      I was tesing with JBoss versions: jboss-as-7.1.1.Final and used jdk1.6.0_26.


      Create a distributed data-grid using domain mode


      1) Edit `domain/configuration/domain.xml` and add a cache

            <cache-container name="jboss-as7-quickstart" default-cache="jboss-as7-quickstart-cache">

              <distributed-cache owners="1" mode="SYNC" name="jboss-as7-quickstart-cache" start="EAGER"/>



      2) Edit domain/configuration/host.xml, copy server-three to create a server-four, and change the port offset to `350`. Set both server-three and server-four to `auto-start="true"` and server-one and server-two to `auto-start="false"`.


      3) Start the domain by running `bin/domain.sh`

      I see exceptions in  console as follows:

      [Server:server-three] JBAS014775:    New missing/unsatisfied dependencies:

      [Server:server-three]       service jboss.binding.jacorb (missing) dependents: [

      service jboss.jacorb.orb-service]

      [Server:server-three]       service jboss.binding.jacorb-ssl (missing) dependent

      s: [service jboss.jacorb.orb-service]

      [Server:server-three]       service jboss.binding.messaging (missing) dependents

      : [service jboss.messaging.default]

      [Server:server-three]       service jboss.binding.messaging-throughput (missing)

      dependents: [service jboss.messaging.default]


      4) Package the app by running `mvn clean package`


      5) Deploy the app using the management console at http://localhost:9990

      And I can not deploy the app successfully.


      Did i make a wrong configurations of the jboss cluster?


      Thanks in Advance