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    deprecated ISPN config element warnings

    dex chen Novice

      I am running Infinispan 5.1.3 Final using xml configiration for cache stores. I saw many warnings about deprecated config elements (see below).  However, I did not see any documents on what the new configurations for them. I looked XML schema and sample.xml (for 5.2) in the GitHub, and did not see any differenece.  Is there any document listing all the changes in the xml config from 5.0 to 5.1/5.2?


      Here are the log entries/ I saw:


      ISPN000184: The stateRetrieval configuration element has been deprecated, we're assuming you meant stateTransfer. Please see XML schema for more information.


      ISPN000178: stateRetrieval's 'alwaysProvideInMemoryState' attribute is no longer in use, instead please make sure all instances of this named cache in the cluster have 'fetchInMemoryState' attribute enabled  (Note: I already specified this  in my xml)