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    2 or 3 // DB Generation

    marc4seam Newbie



      I am looking at Seam for the first time. I have 4 questions after my first reading:


      1) Should I, as a complete newby, start with Seam 2 or with Seam3?


      2) I understand Seam can generate entities by reverse engineering from an existing database. Can Seam also do it teh other way around: generate the database tables from the entities definition? I think this is usefull during functional analysis and prototyping.


      3) Going further on the prototyping dimension in question 2, is Seam also used with in-memory databases, or only with real databases (MySQL, ...)?


      4) My intention is to develop an "application generator" for relative simple applications consisting of entities, autorization and simple business processes upon these entities. Hence I would need to generate Seam source, i.e. anotated Java. Do you think Seam is a good framework for this objective? Do you know other projects that already achieve this objective?