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    Configuring SSL from JBoss AS to datasource

    Zakir Syed Newbie

      I already have SSL configured from JBoss to the web but I want to configure SSL from JBoss to my datasource. I am using a uniVerse database as a datasource. I have configured the datasource in *-ds.xml file. Now when I change the connection URL to include the SSL setting it give me an error called " java.sql.SQLException: Middleware connect fail:The connection is bad, and may be passing corrupt data" . But the funny part is that I have tested that URL by writing a small JDBC program and I am able to connect in that program however when I use the same URL as my connection URL in the *-ds.xml file I am getting this error. Can someone please help me with this or atleast give me suggestion on how to debug the error. I have tried javax.net.debug=true, but it is not giving me anything important. Any help will be appreciated.