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    In the high-concurrency enviroment, HornetQ will hang on the consumer side

    kaka11 chen Newbie

      I did performance test with HornetQ, it is so fast. However, when I did some high-concurrency performance test with it, on the consumer side, it will hang on.

      I write a simple high-concurrency code to test it by modifing core api perf code. MultiPerfBase.java, MultiPerfSender.java, MultiPerfListener.java.

      Hardware:  3 servers with 1000mbps networking env.

      Test parameters: the num-sender:5000 conns, num-listener:5000 conns, each connection send 10 messages, message-size: 10KB.

      I have setted backlog in the NettyAcceptor class, and the os params.

      HornetQ version: I tested 3.2.5, 3.2.8, 3.2.12.


      The attachment is my source code modified by core api perf code. Thanks!