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    A way to notify a certain node in the cluster

    John Doe Newbie

      I have a clustered applicaton with one entry point (stateless EJB). It uses other services to do the real job. These services may be clustered as well, but there are some services that have to be not clustered and must be alocated on certain nodes or there is a limit how many nodes can create such services. I'm currenly using persistence to store the information on which node such services are located (the node registers itself and related information (host name, service name) in the table when it starts such service).

      When a user access entry point EJB there are two possibilities:

      1. The service that does a real job can be allocated on the same node

      2. The service that does a real job cannot be allocated on the same node, and this node has to call somehow this service to do a real job.

      The process is asynchronous, so I need to not wait while a real job will be accomplished. Currenly I'm using remote EJB call using the information from persistence to notify a node that it should do some work. But it'is very complicated, inconvinient and not portable way (AS-specific since I need to know how to create InitialContext to call remote EJB). I wonder if there are any other facilities that allow nodes to communicate with each other in the cluster?