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    JBoss5.1 and HTTPS webservice client

    dario novakovic Newbie



      I created WS client which is OK for HTTP but in production it needs to run through HTTPS.


      Setting system propoerties (-Djavax.net.ssl.trust...) is not an option!


      I created custom socket factory which reads my truststore and it works as standalone app. I configure custom socketFactory like this:


      ((BindingProvider)port).getRequestContext().put("com.sun.xml.internal.ws.transport.https.client.SSLSocketFactory", new MySocketFactory());



      However, when i deploy to JBoss5.1 i get SSLHandshakeException which means that MySocketFactory and my truststore are not used.


      I also tried

      put("org.jboss.ws.socketFactory", PaymentsSocketFactory.class.getName());

      (from https://community.jboss.org/thread/164188)

      but it doesn't help.



      I use

      Version: jbossws-native-3.1.2.GA

      Build: 200905081542



      Is there any way I can setup WS client in JBoss to use my own truststore when setting up HTTPS for WS call?


      Thank you!

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          spyhunter99 Novice

          I believe org.jboss.ws.socketFactory is used for message level signing and encryption, not transport.


          try put("javax.net.ssl....") in the request context.


          I've complained about this and modified a version of the community stack for this purpose. There's a jira on it. No idea how it works in the eap version of jboss. It irritates me too. As a work around, I store the passwords encrypted on disk. Then at run time, I read in the passwords, decrypt them, then add them to System.properties, I suppose then you can remove them but it obviously depends on whether or not something else is relying on them