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    Referencing libraries for jfreechart in ear project

    Brian Lavender Newbie

      I have a question including libraries when creating a Seam project using JBoss Developer Studio.


      I was looking at the itext example included with Seam-2.2.2-Final. It is in the examples folder. I created a Seam project in JBoss developer studio 4.1.2GA. The name of the project I created is named "mytext", which has the mytext-ear and the mytext-ejb. I copied the java source files from the itext example into the mytext-ejb project.The source could not reference the jfreechart libraries that I can see in the web project. I right clicked "mytext-ear" and I selected "Configure Build Path". I told it to add the libraries from the project "mytext" which has the jfreechart library in its lib folder. Then, the source files could reference the library. Is this the correct way to do this? It seems that the mytext-ejb ought to reference the library directly.