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    Purposes of the different descriptor files

    Misty Stanley-Jones Newbie

      I apologize in advance if this is not a great question, but I'm having a hard time finding a definitive answer. I need to know what the difference is between these different files:

      • ejb-jar.xml
      • web.xml
      • jboss-web.xml
      • jboss.xml


      Here is what I think after reading, but I'm sure I've got some of it wrong.


      • ejb-jar.xml - Contains settings specifically for EJBs
      • web.xml - Contains constraints for the HTTP protocol and web resources, and web-based login information. Also contains other requirements of the application, such as a specific name of a datasource or security domain that needs to exist before the app will run. (???)
      • jboss-web.xml - Contains resources that fill requirements set in the web.xml, and contains JBoss-specific settings
      • jboss.xml - JBoss-specific metadata, such as JNDI and clustering things.


      I'm sure it's not right, and it leaves me still unsure about the real differences between the files. Some things I've seen lead me to believe that the jboss.xml things can also be put in jboss-web.xml instead, for instance.


      I appreciate any help anyone can give me!