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    Richfaces versus Mojarra, versus MyFaces

    b69 Newbie

      I have a JEE-Application, developed on Glassfish with Mojarra running fine, wich I must port to WebSphere, Weblogic and to AS7 too.


      The application includes a file uload. On Glassfish/Mojarra I'm using an adapted file upload from balusC based on com.sun.faces.renderkit. AS7 doesn't support this renderkit directly, neither WebSphere, w.r.t Weblogic I actually just don't know.


      So for WebSphere I'll need to switch to MyFaces. Trinidad includes a file upload. For Jboss to Richfaces and for Weblogic, what ever. But I'm not interested at all to maintain 4 and more JSF versions in parallel, just because each application server has his own preferences.


      So, before starting with a new kit, my questions is, what to chose best? The question shall be limited to AS7, less somebody knows the one super hint for an other application server.


      What is best practice to handle the case?

      How does mojarra behave on AS7, if uploaded with the application?

      What are the advantages to change to Richfaces. On AS7, but with which consequencies on other servers?

      What about MyFaces/Trinidad on AS7. Has any body made experiences with such a solution? What is the outcome and the conclusions?

      As far as I have seen until know, it is not easy to bring any thing else than MyFaces to WebSphere. Does anyboday has an experience of this kind?


      Thanks for any hint