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    co-existing Jboss different versions

    JBoss Fan Newbie

      I was trying to acheieve this.. let me know if you think its possible..


      I have 3 servers in total one server running pound and acting as my load balancer


      and 2 servers running apache and Jboss


      each server runs 2 apache instances of 1 version each and 2 jboss instances of 1 version each mentioned below




      I have 2 versions of Apache 2.2.17 and 2.2.21 or may be use 2.4.1 and both runs on different http ports like 1080 and 2080



      and now I need 2 different Jboss servers like Jboss 6.0 and Jboss 7.1 using different port sets


      am using mod_cluster to connect between apache and Jboss servers..


      What I want to acheieve is


      Jboss 6 clustered horizntally should connect to 1 version of apche instances like  2.2.17


      Jboss 7.1 clustered horizontally shoudl connect to another version of apache instance like 2.2.21 or .2.4.1 and both applications/web servers shoudl not be aware of anotehr one..



      Can this type of setup be done ? if so any inputs would be helpful..