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    Ticket Monster Client-Side Feedback


      I just wanted to through some initial thoughts/recommendations I had when reviewing the client-side aspects of Ticket Monster (https://github.com/mbogoevici/ticket-monster-1)


      1. I rarely write an application with Backbone.js without using Require.js for AMD. I am not a huge proponent of AMD, but when it comes to Backbone, it helps me to keep everything modularized and organized in a way that makes sense instead of putting everything in a single JS file or worse, in the index.html itself. Not that this is wrong, it just makes maintenance and understanding of the code harder for someone jumping in.
      2. The back button seems broken once you dig in to the app and sometimes some of the views don't get rendered. This is a tough one. I would say it's Backbone and JQuery Mobile fighting over routing because that tends to be the culprit I have been running into but it also happens in the desktop version. I would look at your event handling, routing and push state management and see if you can track it down. Honestly, I have used Backbone and jQM but never together (working on that for my first time now) and I am having some similar issues occasionally so if I find the cure, I'll be sure to let you know.
      3. The mobile version seems a little more fragile than the desktop version. When I go to view events by location, nothing is rendered. Again, this may be a jQM vs Backbone issue but could be unrelated or maybe you just haven't gotten that far (I didn't look through ever bit of code).
      4. Very small issue, the currency formatting is missing the second decimal place everywhere. You can fix that with something simple like parseFloat(price).toFixed(2); assuming you know the price will be numeric


      Hope that helps.

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          Hi Kris,

          Sorry for late reply. I had a holiday trip last week.

          I have read ur feedback carefully. I understand the points and am planning to implement them. I am working on web-based desktop version so this time I don't have plan to upgrade mobile version. If u have some more feedback, they would be appreciated.

          Have u checked my proposal on the ticket monster project for GSoC 2012? I am not sure should I post the link here. Please search by my name (Khobaib) & u'll get it. Any comment will inspire me surely.