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rich:inputNumberSlider disable via Javascript

nt2005 Newbie

Hey Guys,


I want to disable a rich:inputNumberSlider via checkbox -> Javascript.


For an input I use something like that and it works great:

<h:inputText id="input" value="#{foo.input}" />
    onchange="document.getElementById(#{rich:clientId('input')}).disabled=true" />


But for rich:inputNumberSlider I need something more, because it does not work.

First I disable the input on the right of a slider: Works!

<rich:inputNumberSlider id="inputNumberSlider" value="#{foo.result}"/>
    onchange="document.getElementById('#{rich:clientId('inputNumberSlider')}Input').disabled=true;" />

But I also need to disable the slider itself. But there is a function from richfaces, I cannot edit or?

<script type="text/javascript">
     new Richfaces.Slider("j_id35:1:j_id44:j_id45:1:inputNumberSlider",{'sliderValue':'0','disabled':false} ) 




I don´t want to use ajax and rerender because of minimum dataflow.