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    Arquillian + JSFUnit + Jenkins

    Otto aka Chupacabras Newbie

      I am a newbie... but I am very excited about Arquillian and I want to be an Arquillian Evangelista!


      I go my first Green bar last week with 1.0.0.CR.8 and Weblogic 12.1 locally.


      I want to go to the next level and have a proof of concept running in our continous integration server.


      My problem is that I don't have access to the username & password of the Weblogic server on our development site... (so I don't have the credentials to put it in the arquillian.xml file)


      What are my options in this case?  maybe use my localhost as the Arquillian's server?  meaning... the Jenkins server will run a JSFUnit test that connects to my local machine to execute the test.war ?


      any ideas?


      Thank you in advance!

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          Vineet Reynolds Apprentice

          Is possible for you to get a WLS user account with Deployer and Operator rights? I believe this sufficient, and that you don't really need Administrator privileges.


          I'm afraid there is no alternative to specifying credentials in arquillian.xml (or via system properties), since the Arquillian WLS adapter uses JMX to communicate with the Domain Runtime MBean Server of the remote WLS instance. As far as I can see there are no options to specify the JMX credentials via some config file (which is doable only for one part of the WLS adapter - the one that uses weblogic.Deployer). If you do know of any mechanism that works for JMX, I'll be quite happy to accept a feature request and even a code contribution

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