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    How well do Richfaces3.3.3.Final  and Tomahawk20 work together?

    fojut fan Newbie

      When i use Tomahawk20(Tomahawk20-1.1.11 for jsf-2.0) and Richfaces3.3.3.Final together, the tag of <t:inputCalender/> can not work, the pop-up overlay can not displayed, and got javascript errors.


      I find that the function processEvent() in HtmlCalendarRenderer.java(Tomahawk20) can not work after adding richfaces, some javascript and css files can not include in the jsp page.

      After adding the js and css files manually, the <t:inputCalender/> work, but tag of <rich:pickList/> and <rich:orderingList/> will not work both.


      Can anyone give some ideas on the problem?