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    JBPM things to know

    Mohamed Abuthahir Newbie



      I am new to jbpm and I am using jbpm 5.2 in my project. I need an urgent help for designing the jbpm workflow.


      Can some one please help me for the below questions


      1. How to use the error event in jbpm. Is error event is used for the exception handling in jbpm? If so can you please provide some examples?

      2. What is the purpose of signal event in jbpm?In a process if it reaches the signal node then the process should wait for the external signal?Currentlt triggering the signal using the REST API is not working.

      3. There is a mismatch between Eclipse designer and guvnor designer. Guvnor is showing more nodes than ecplise?Why is this discrepency?

      4. How to trigger a process from some other applications? For an example I am having my process Helloworld.bpmn in jboss and I want to trigger the process from tomcat web application. Is it possible? If so how?

      5. Currently the jbpm installer comes with the evaluation process as an example.So while installing it will install the evalation into jboss server. But if I run the eclipse main program the process is not coming in jbpm console.What it means? whether eclipse is using different runtime than jboss?



      Please post your thoghts to the above question. It will be very helpful for me.