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AS7 hotrod server

wiktorowski maximilien Novice



I'm using JBoss AS 7.1 and i'd like to access a cache-container inside my as cluster from a hotrod client.

It seems hotrod server part is not present in AS7 ? maybe i'm wrong, how can i configure my cache-container in order to expose it using hotrod server ?


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    wiktorowski maximilien Novice

    i've got the response on irc channel
    hotrod server part is not bundled with AS7 and won't be. So we have to manage an infinispan cluster outside of AS7 to do that.

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    Sanne Grinovero Master

    Right, or use JDG (JBoss Data Grid), which is a similar product to the application server, specifically meant to work as a grid node with Hot Rod (and not used as an application server). AS7 uses Infinispan, but it's meant to be used for it's internal services such as session failover, Hibernate second level cache.


    You're of course free to include Hot Rod in your applications directly and deploy it on AS7.