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    Question about filesystem

    Riccardo Pasquini Novice



      i'm trying to setup a standalone server using std linux directory structure, i'd like the following:


      • configuration under /etc/blabla, afaik, that's not possible because /etc is expected to be owned by root and as7 service runs with a service user without write access to /etc, i can't keep it under server base directory because it's expected to be something /opt/jboss/standalone, so configuration must be under /var to allow web UI and CLI to change it
      • data and log directory under /var/blabla and that's ok because service user can write that path


      the question is: i would like to extend jboss modules path ($JBOSS_HOME/modules:/opt/blabla2) but jboss modules try to write the .index file and that's not ok for service user to write under /opt, is there a way to avoid those .index files for jboss module or change their path to jboss server data directory?


      just a consideration about configuration directory... disabling web UI and running CLI as root should enable me to keep it under /etc...


      Thank you for your time