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    JBoss 5.1: Complex objects are not being convert to XML payload


      Hi all,


      I am deploying a webservice to jboss 5.1.0 and the object model (input to the webmethod) is a complex object, while the scalar properties are being converted to XML payload correctly,  the complex properties are all null.  My object model is as follow:


      DecisionInput has several integer and string properties, Customer object and Account objects.  The Customer and Account objects are always null when it get to the actually method.


      After deploying the webservice, I ran JBOSS_HOME/bin/wsconsume.bat to generate the proxy and a set of classes.  My client code used the generated classes to create the object model to send to the webservice. 


      I was wondering if I need to do any configuration for the mapping of objects to help the object's XML-marshling process.