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    SAM's simulation API

    Heiko Braun Master

      I've commited the first cut of a simulation API that layers a top of javasim.
      It should help exploring SAM's event processing capabilities and API.

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          Heiko Braun Master

          Javadocs will follow. But to give you an idea here's an example taken from a unit test:

           // config
           Properties config = new Properties();
           config.put(EventSimulation.TOTAL_SIM_TIME, 60.00);
           // init
           EventSimulation simulation = EventSimulation.bootstrap(
           // shared between all entities
           SimulationContext context = simulation.getContext();
           // create an event source and associate a message factory
           EventSourceEntity source = new EventSourceEntity("source-A", 0.10);
           source.setEventMessageFactory( new SensorMessageFactory() );
           // create an event sink
           EventSinkEntity sink = new EventSinkEntity("sensor-events-viz");
           sink.setEventHandler( new ChartGenerationHandler() );
           // bind statements to test
           simulation.bindStatement("select * from SensorEventMessage.win:length_batch(10)", sink);
           // start simulation