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    Passing EJB proxies between servers

    Gerd Wagner Newbie

      I just found another problem:


      - I have a bean that is deployed on the client server.

      - I (via method parameter) pass the remote interface of that bean to the destination server.

      - From inside the destination server when I call a method of that bean I get a 'No EJB receiver ...' exception.


      Here is the code that runs on the destination server, that does the callback:



      public class DestSingletonBean implements DestSingleton


          private ClientCallback clientCallback;



          public void setClientCallback(ClientCallback clientCallback)


              this.clientCallback = clientCallback;



          @Schedule(second = "*/2", minute = "*", hour = "*", persistent = false)

          public void invokeCallback()


              if(null != clientCallback)








      Please let me know if you want me to open another issue for this point.