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    versioned relations

    Livia Hauser Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm new on envers. I looking for a solution to create a mapping which will use "versioned relations". The following shows the problem:




      Invoice invoice = new Invoice(.... );

      ExchangeRate exRate = new ExchangeRate( "USD", "EUR", 0.82 );

      invoice.setExchangeRatge( exRate );

      em.persist( invoice );


      //some times later:

      exRate.setValue( 0.85 );

      em.persist( exRate );

      invoice.setDiscount( ... );

      em.persist( invoice );


      //some times later:

      Invoice invoice = em.find( .. );

      //invoice.getEchangeRate() should return NOT return the current Version. Every time it should return the version which is set

      invoice.getExchangeRate().getValue() // must be 0.82 NOT 0.85




      Is it possible to do this using envers?