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    Message Group performance effect

    omer zohar Newbie


      im trying to figure out what exactly is the performance hit of using message groups in the server.

      to be more percise, im trying to figure out if having a LOT of different message groups have some impact on performance / memory consumption.

      my issue is this: i have some messages that i need to process in a serial fashion, because the order is important. but, they are sparse, and i cant control when they will be delivered. i solved this problem using message groups by assigning each such group it's unique group id.

      but each group will probably be the size of 3-4 messages tops, and most likely groups ids are unique.

      i guess hornetq must save some kind of table to remember each group, and it's assigned consumer ,so i guess in my case this table will get quite large very quick.

      is there a way to control this list, or at least flush once in a while the groups i longer use?

      what is the correct approach of using message groups for this kind of use case?