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    Switching between Apache CXF and JBossWS Native on JBoss AS 7.1

    Peter Fry Newbie

      We are in the process of migrating an application from JBoss 5.0.1 to JBoss 7.1 Final.


      We have a number of JAX-WS web services. Previously, since we were using JBoss 5.0.1 'as is', we were using the JBoss WS native stack.


      After migrating to JBoss 7.1 Final 'as is' we obviously are now using the JBoss WS Apache CXF stack.


      This is working apart from the way that unmodelled faults are handled i.e. services that throw service specific runtime exceptions (I have posted separately about this).


      Looking at the modules directory I can see both the native and apache cxf libraries so:


      Is it possible to switch between the Apache CXF stack and the JBoss WS Native stacks on JBoss AS 7.1?


      Currently I am using JBoss AS 7.1 as shipped.


      OR do I have to do some separate installation?






      p.s. Should I be posting this question on the JBoss AS discussion forum or this forum?