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    IE7 error message "Unspecified error, line 63, char 23" in scrollableDataTable

    John Zarins Newbie



      I'd like to use a ScrollableDataTable. I use this code:

      <rich:scrollableDataTable id="peopleList" columns="1" value="#{PeopleEdit.all}" var="member" selectionMode="none">
         <rich:column width="180px" sortable="false">
            <h:outputText value="#{member.name}"/>


      However, if I visited the page and resize the page IE7 throws an error message:


      Line: 63

      Char: 23

      Error: Unspecified error

      I think there is probably an issue with the rerendering. Is there any fix available?


      Richfaces version: 3.3.3.Final