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    JBoss SOA AS startup hung after JNDI IntitialContext properties:{}

    wingagnes Newbie



      I install JBoss SOA Platform 5.2.0.GA in Windows 7. Here is what I have done:


      1. Unzip the package to a directory;

      2. Setup JBOSS_HOME pointing to the installed directory;

      3. Setup username/password (I only uncomment the admin user in the soa-users.properties under the default server folder.


      When I try to start the application server (E.g. C:\jboss-soa-p-5\jboss-as\bin>run), the startup process hang right after getting the following info:



      I have successfully install the same application server on other laptop. Here is the log info of the started AS:



      Looks like the 1st installed application server is stucked on starting the ESB deployment. Can anyone help me to figure out why my 1st installed AS cannot be startup?


      Many thanks!