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    dodgy classes12.jar ?

    darrin Newbie


      On start up, jboss gets stuck at the following point and just hangs...

      [INFO,ThesaurusPool] XA Connection pool ThesaurusPool bound to java:/ThesaurusPool

      I've narrowed the problem down to my classes12.jar file (i think) because I've messed around with it (leaving in the driver directory only) and jboss then starts OK except with a ClassDefNotFound error due to the files I'd removed from the jar.
      Does anybody have any clues?

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          Mike Newbie

          Make sure your loading the oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
          in the JDBC drivers dection of the jboss.jcml (just above the place you entered the db information) and make sure the full classes12.zip is in the jboss-dir/lib/ext dir