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    Problem with HornetQ in cluster

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      I have a cluster of six machines (vm01 to vm06, all with JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final). All clustering so far works, such as Infinispan and so on. Now I have to run a cluster wide JMS topic and this drives me mad now. The effect is, that every node only see the topic as its own. When I post an object in the topic, then only the  MDB on that node are triggered, the other nodes remain silent. I assume, that something in my configuration of HornetQ went wrong. In the network here are multicast traffic forbidden, so I have to use a static HornetQ configuration. I attach the hornetq part of the domain configuration at the end. Does anyone have a clue, what is wrong with that?




      PS: I recorded with tcpdump the network communication and can see, that the nodes not even try to connect on the messaging port …