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    Handling JSF error messages at Apply Request Value Phase




      I'm using JSF 2.1.2 with Richfaces 4.


      I'm trying to find a solution for the following problem.


      - A user installs the 'Tamper Data' plugin for firefox (Used to intercept and modify http requests values when submitting forms).

      - The user visits a page on my application and fills out some input fields. One of the input fields is a rich:calendar component, they select a date from the calendar popup and the input field beside it is populated.

      - They open the 'Tamper Data' plugin and select 'Start Tamper'.

      - They submit the form (normal synchronous request).

      - The use the Tamper Data plugin to add invalid charchters to some of the calendar components request values.

      - The request is sent with tampered data to Bean.

      - The page is returned with the following error messages displayed:


      java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "2012dsafsf"
      java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "2012sdfsdf"


      For the page the request is performed on, I have a <f:messages /> component


      I believe this is happening due to the component values not been converted to the appropriate objects at the 'Apply Request Values' phase (Due to their values been tampered with).


      I want to send users to a generic error page when these type of errors occur.


      Options I have tried without any success include:





      I created a custom converter on the calendar component but also is of no use.


      Has anyone created something similar to handle JSF/Richfaces error messages at this 'Apply Request Values' phase?