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    How to put enum+string value in specific oreder in selectOneMenu.

    Ani Capil Newbie


      I want to pu 'All' at the bottom of dropDown. I have A Enum with two values 1) ModelText 2) SellingText and want to put "All" at the bottom.

      I can place "at the top with the help of noSelectionLabel="All" but not vice versa. Appriciate any help....  thousends of thanks.


      # this is my code : works but "All" comes on the top :-(


                  <h:outputLabel for="textType" value="#{msg['informations.model.texttype.label']}"/>

                  <h:selectOneMenu id="textType" value="#{textStatusReportItem.textType}"


                      <s:selectItems value="#{textTypeList}" var="textType" label="#{textType.name}" noSelectionLabel="All"/>





      # i want to do like this...


      I refactored like this without success :-(

      <s:selectItems value="#{textTypeList}" var="textType" label="#{textType.name}"/>

      <f:selectItem itemLabel="ALL" itemValue=""/>