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    Create asset using Rest API

    out sider Newbie

      I've seen this https://community.jboss.org/thread/196919 (Create WID Using Rest API).


      But what I want is using the atom xml mehtod not sending the byte stream.


      I need to do a POST to the packages/{packageName}/assets with the atom-xml payload, as it stated in the documentation:



      Creates an asset in package {packageName} from the Atom Entry provided. Following info are required from the input Atom Entry: asset name, asset description, asset initial category, asset format.



      But how exactly should I do the POST request so after it I get a costum Work Item Definition in a specific package?


      I don't want to send the file because I don't have one...I have the WID parameters holded in variables and I want to do a WID whose parameters has those values.


      Thanks in advance