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    Strange laouy problems with rich:calendar and extendedDataTable

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      I've been using rich faces 4 and am experiencing very strange display errors with my components when it comes to styling.


      a) my rich:calendar component has half of the background color which I set, but the upper half of the input field is 'blue-white' - the same as the default color. I set my color by defining a css class fot the text-input field. I browsed the page source code and I found out that the componnet uses .rf-cal-inp class, which then I have owerwritten and set the background-color parameter, but that didn't help. Interestingly this cosideres only rich:callendar in firefox, but in chrome I have the same situation with h:selectOneMenu elements (and rich:calendar of course)...


      b) I have been tring to turn off all broders in my extendedDataTable (I don't want any lines - no grid inside, bteween the rows and columns cells). First I set rules="none" but they still are visible. I have been setting:

      border: 0px;

      border-top: 0px;

      border-bottom: 0px;

      border-left: 0px;

      border-right: 0px;


      In my column classes and nothing. Than I went for owerwriting the rf classes: .extdt-cell .rich-extdt-cell .rf-edt-c .rf-edt-c-cnt .rf-edt-tbl .rf-edt-cnt .rf-edt-rord and amny more.

      I took some from the website developer guide and some from the page source code. None of them worked. Which class should I overwrite ?