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    Defining Processes Using the Process API

    jhrobbin Newbie

      Hi folks,


      I posted a question on StackOverflow asking: Is there a Java API that creates BPMN?  One of the answers suggested that since I'm going to be using jBPM5 I might therefore use its "fluent API" to create BPMN2 models.


      I see the jBPM docs don't recommend using the API to create BPMN.  The answer on SO also suggested the API may not be up-to-date witih jBPM5


      Can anyone elaborate on defining processes using the process API and whether this might be a suitable method to dynamically create valid BPMN2?  Many thanks!

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Justin,

          Yes as I mention in stack overflow, you have an API inside jBPM5 to create processes, but that's usually not recommended because you will loose a very importnat part of using business processes that is the process diagram that can be validated by business people. That's why BPMN2, the spec, doesn't define an API and it just define a technical representation (in xml) of our process diagrams.

          As I mention, there is an API that you can use to create processes, but is not so up to date. If you want to use it try it and report what is missing so we can update it.


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