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    How to load the form values automatically?

    fpalma Newbie

      Hi all!


      I have done a servlet to manage one form, but when I want to get the values introduced by the user, I have to access to the parameter of the form and update manually the class corresponding to the parameter. This is my code:


      When the jsp file is loaded, the user sees the default value from the class "priceIncrease":


          <input name="increasepercent" path="percentage" value="${priceIncrease.getPercentage()}" />


      When the method doPost is called by the form, the class "priceIncrease" is not updated with the value modified by the user, so I have to do this:


          String increase1 = (String) request.getParameter("increasepercent");                     // access to the parameter of the form

          PriceIncrease increase2 = (PriceIncrease) contexto.getAttribute("priceIncrease"); // access to the corresponding class

          increase2.setPercentage(Integer.parseInt(increase1));                                            // update the class


      How can I update the corresponding class (priceIncrease) automatically?


      Thank you very much