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    Clusterings not working

    jeremie Granat Newbie



      I tried to create a simple cluster with explicit connections. Everything seems to be correctly configured as I have a ClusterConnection node in the JMX tree with a cluster and see the other node in the "nodes" attributes. The address is, same as in the examples "jmx.#".


      However, sending 1000 Messages on one server will just have its queue accept 1000 messages, there is no load balancing being done and when I connect to the other server to consume the messages, I get a time out on the "messageConsumer.receive(5000);".


      I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong if anyone could help...


      Here the relevant config snippets. Both server are configured exactly the same way:





            <cluster-connection name="my-cluster">













            <!--default for catch all-->

            <address-setting match="jms.#">