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    NoSuchFieldElementException AjaxChildrenRenderer for HTML Tag

    kiva Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I use richfaces 3.3.3.Final with Seam and facelet.


      I have plugged a profiler on my application and I have a weird behavior.

      When I log all exceptions thrown by the application, I have more than 10 000 NoSuchFieldElementException in 10 minutes.


      After many search, I found the problem:


      When I started an ajax request by a4j:support, the NoSuchFieldElementException is thrown by the AjaxChildrenRenderer in these lines (199-202):


      String componentType = (String) component.getClass().getField("COMPONENT_TYPE").get(null);
      result = _specialComponentTypes.contains(componentType);


      The component variable is a UIInstructions and it has no "COMPONENT_TYPE" field. So, the exception is normal.

      This exception is thrown for each html block contained in my page. For example:




      When I reRender a block with html tag, the exception is thrown.

      I have very complex page, so I get many of this exceptions.


      How I can do to avoid this exception ? May be a parser option to avoid to go in this class for html block.


      Thanks for your help.