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    Jackson 2.0?

    Kimberly Stelzer Newbie

      Hi, I am developing a web services application and I ran into a well known issue (with well known workarounds) with Jackson "Cyclic Object Graph".  It seems that they have addressed this in Jackson 2.0, a recently released version of Jackson:




      It does state that I cannot just replace the jars because they have changed the entire packaging, most notably Java package used is "com.fasterxml.jackson" (instead of "org.codehaus.jackson").


      Since this is fairly new, I am having difficulty finding documentation on the matter, but is it possible to upgrade jboss locally with new jars and some sort of configuration file to tell jboss server about the new package....or do I need to wait for a new version of jboss that is recompiled with the new jars and updated import statements?