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    Generating ESB configurations from a choreography

    Gary Brown Master

      I am currently working on generating template ESB configuration files from a choreography.

      The result of this generation mechanism will be artefacts for one or more services, which consists of a jboss-esb.xml file per service aswell as potentially a set of Java classes (also generally service specific).

      In terms of presenting this functionality to users, I was considering having the choreography in one project, and then generating a new Java project per ESB service, so that each project would have a pre-defined structure with the jboss-esb.xml configuration file and associated Java classes.

      Could also generate a simple build file to enable the ESB to be built and deployed (with possibly minor config changes).

      I see the benefits of this approach being that it partitions the ESB services into managable units (i.e. Eclipse projects) which can then be developed by separate teams, and validated against the original choreography.

      Does this sound a reasonable approach? Or should the creation of separate projects only be an option offered on the generation dialog?