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    h:inputTex in a form not re rendered when using a a4j:commandButton

    ovione skywalker Newbie

      we have the following form


           <a4j:commandButton id="someidf" value="#{cjr_main.getPersonDetail}" immediate="true" action="#{ManageDossierBean.getPersonDetail}" render="toRefreshFormOutside" />

           <h:inputText size="15" value="#{ManageDossierBean.fullRN}" id="NNoutside"/>

           <a4j:outputPanel  id="toRefreshFormOutside">



                <h:inputText value="#{ManageDossierBean.dosName}" id="name" />

                <h:outputText  value="#{ManageDossierBean.dosName}" id="nameoutput" />              




      when we click on the commandbutton with id='someidf' i would expect that everything inside the a4j:outputPanel gets rendered.

      Unfortunately the <h:inputText with id="name" stays blank and is not renderd with the values that are in the ManageDossierBean.dosName


      If someone could explain what I should do to render everything in the

      a4j:outputPanel including an <h:inputText


      thanks for your help