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    Build Corba service from IDL in JBoss 4.3

    Francesco Maria Milizia Newbie


      I need to expose a Corba service under JBoss AS 4.3.2 GA.

      I read that the right way to do it is exposing an EJB binded with the JBoss IORFactory, but I have the IDL dicribing my service as a project input, so my EJB must be fully compatible with a client generated from that IDL.

      Which is the right way to achieve that?

      I was able to expose a Corba service generating the interface from the IDL, then adapting it for being exposed as an EJB, but the TYPE ID of the service was different from that specified in the stub of the client application (client has  IDL:servicename:1.0, server has something like RMI:className:00000000).


      Thank you all.