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    i18n Logging complete

    Andy Taylor Master

      This is done and all checked in master, I have made best efforts to try and improve log messages throughout but obviously they can still be improved. We should each of us make a conscious effort to try and improve these on any code that we maintain, for instance:


      1. Make sure there is enough context in the log message, where a log message in BridgeImpl code may have said 'cannot connect' originally this would mean something in context with the BridgeImpl.java logger but now we dont have that so it needs to be something like 'JMS Bridge cannot connect'

      2. Any new message added for Info, Warn and Error must be added to the appropriate logger.

      3. Check Grammar, make sure that its grammatically correct, this will make it easier when translated

      4 Make sure you follow the correct codes for each type of message, these can be found in tha Javadocs of the appropriate logger.

      5. make sure that you are using the correct level, see https://community.jboss.org/wiki/HowToLogInJBossProjects


      Lastly, remember that after we release 3.0 we cant remove or change messages as this makes it difficult when future versions are re translated, codes should never be re used just deprecated and new ones created so now is the time to refactor or move.