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    How to set passByValue = true in ReplyTo InVMEPR

    Stylianos Koussouris Newbie

      I am currently sending an object within a custom location in the Message (lets call it input) and the service I am sending it to is configured as follows (only INVM transport is available)


      {code:xml}<service category="MainCategory" name="EntryService" invmScope="GLOBAL">

         <property name="inVMPassByValue" value="true" />


         <actions mep="OneWay">


            somewhere here I route to another service service-category="ReplyServices" service-name="StatusSetting"






      <service category="ReplyServices" name="StatusSetting" invmScope="GLOBAL">

        <property name="inVMPassByValue" value="true" />


         <actions mep="RequestResponse">


            // I get the object from location "input" without any problems as it has been de-serialized successfully.

             MyObjectClass c = (MyObjectClass) response.getBody().get("input");

             // I enhance the object and put it back in its location


             response.getBody().add("input", obj);

             //The Message Headers maintain the original ReplyTo and so returns successfully to client









      On the client side when I access the object as follows

      {code}MyObjectClassobj = (MyObjectClass) response.getBody().get("input");{code}


      I get


      {code} ClassCastException org.mypackage.MyObjectClass cannot be cast to org.mypackage.MyObjectClass{code}


      This error is similar to the one I was getting before I managed with the service configuration to set the


      {code}To: InVMEPR .... <wsa:ReferenceProperties jbossesb:passByValue : true/>  (from default false){code}


      Now, I believe the same has to be done for the ReplyTo but

      a) I am not sure how programmatically/configuration

      b) Also am not 100% certain if the cause of the ClassCastException is the fact that the passByValue property is false and therefore I am willing to hear your ideas on this. What other causes could there be?


      Thanks in advance

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          Stylianos Koussouris Newbie

          Ok it was the passByValue in the ReplyTo that was causing the ClassCastException I resolved it by


          removing the "passByValue" extension from the EPR ReplyTo


          reply.getAddr().removeExtentions("passByValue", "false")'


          and added  a new extension to the same EPR which yields "true"


          If there is an easier/less hacking way to do this I would appreciate if anyone can point me to it. By the way this is currently only been identified as an issue for the InVMEpr or my service I haven't tried with JMSEpr or any other as such.