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    HowTo: Entire jBPM 5.2 working on MySQL database ?

    fipz Newbie

      Hello together,


      I'm new in the jBPM environment and I am trying to change all jBPM 5.2 persistence and database action on MySQL for development and later integration.


      Using "ant install.demo" everthing is working fine and there are no problems - so I'm sure the system configuration is okay.

      But I'm not able to change jBPM working on MySQL database without encountering errors. I checked out different links and tried it on my own:  








      May someone help and offer step-by-step instructions what has to be changed to run the jBPM install demo on MySQL?


      I'm sure this would help many other users too!



      Windows Server 2008 R2

      MySQL Server 5.5

      Java JDK 1.7.0_02



      Thanks so far!