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    auto mount iSCSI

    Phil Shriner Newbie

      Ive gone through several appliance builds just trying to get the feel of things and I love Boxgrinder; makes things so easy! Curious tho, I'm attempting to mount an iSCSI on a new vmdk and when building it throws an error saying iSCSI device is not available or builds but doesn't have the iSCSI mounted even though it is available. Can anyone point me to an example or give me some suggestions? Bare minimal CentOS 6 build.

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          msavy Novice

          Hi Phil,


          Sorry I didn't spot this post earlier.


          Can you give me a bit more information, what exactly are you wanting to do with the iSCSI device during the build? Or is this something you're trying to do after launching the vmdk for the first time?