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    Foreign key mapping in hbm.xml file

    Vaibhav Bhardwaj Newbie

      I need help on hibernate mapping.
      I have a table “A” having primary key “A_ID”. And this “A_ID” primary column of table “A” is foreign key as well as primary key both in table ”B” .
      That is “A_ID” is primary as well as foreign key (referencing table ”A”) in table “B” .


      And “A_ID” in table “A” is created using a sequence “UNIQUE_ID_SEQUENCE”.


      So my doubt is while making A.hbm.xml , I will be mapping primary key column “A_ID” of table “A” something like this


      Correct me if I am wrong anywhere …
      <id name="aid" type=”int” column="A_ID" >
      <generator class="sequence">
      <param name="sequence">UNIQUE_ID_SEQUENCE</param>




      How will I be mapping primary key here ? Same as above ?


      And moreover as A_ID is foreign key as well primary key in table “B” then should I provide foreign key mapping in B.hbm.xml also (provided the same column “A_ID is mapped as primary key also in B.hbm.xml”) ?
      And what about using sequence inB.hbm.xml ?


      Table A and table B are mapped one-to-one.




      Thanks & Regards
      Vaibhav Bhardwaj