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    HornetQ & JBoss7 clustering topology

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      In the [Jboss-home]/docs/examples/configs folder there's a standalone-hornetq-colocated.xml file, searching I came across http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_Enterprise_Application_Platform/5/html/HornetQ_User_Guide/EAP_HornetQ_Clusters.html . This topology might be something very useful, because asking for a separate machine just for a back-up is not something easy. I couldn't find any documentation for it(if someone else found it, please share), so I'm asking here:


      Is this option still available for Jboss 7? Is it safe to use(that file might be just a preview of things to come)?


      In general, what are ways of configuring JBoss server with HornetQ in order to have high-availabilty?


      I know only about:

             -  having a hornetq node(doesn't matter if it's a live of a back-up node) on a Jboss server. This is not good - if I have only 3 servers, I can't have more than 1 live server.


             - this colocated topology - having a live and a back-up(for an other node) running at the same time on a Jboss server instance. Good, but still not perfect, if 2 nodes fail, one server might be unavailable(if the server where its back-up is located fails too). Puting more than one back-up on a server doesn't look too good - 3 or more HornetQ instances running on the same JBoss server might be performance costing.



      Are there any others?